Association of Engineering Students in Rocketry,
by students from KTH Royal Institute of Technology,
in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Who we are

ÆSIR is a student rocketry association founded in 2016 at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. We have around 40 members every year, which are all students at KTH. Roughly half of us are international students and we cover many disciplines and levels of study, although most of our members study Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, Vehicle Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Engineering Physics and Mechanical Engineering.

The association is focused on rocketry, but is much more than just a place where rockets are built. It is a community and meeting place for people with interest in rocketry or space. Our members also get the chance to experience real-world advanced engineering projects, that can provide them with skills and knowledge which make them stand out from the crowd.

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Our mission

ÆSIR was created to provide a forum for students with an interest in rocketry, where they can develop their passion and knowledge in practical aerospace projects. Our goal is to educate students in rocketry and engineering and give our members real world engineering experience. The activities of the association will further strengthen the position of KTH as one of the leading Aerospace Universities.

Our mission is to become one of the top student organisations for rocket building in the world, by breaking and holding the student rocketry altitude record in Europe (which is currently above 30 kilometers). Ultimately, we intend to reach altitudes beyond the 120 kilometer mark.

Our mission
Ongoing projects

Sigmundr (since 2019)

We are currently in the initial phases in planning our second rocket.

Sigmundr will be designed to reach a similar altitude as Odin, but will prove necessary technologies for scaling up future projects.

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Vidar (since 2017)

Project Vidar was initiated during the fall of 2017 as a collaboration with CNES, the French government space agency, as a part of their PERSEUS project. The project was to construct a payload to fly on their SERA4 rocket from Esrange in Kiruna, Sweden.

We developed and built a payload capable of measuring vibrations during the rocket launch, which was presented during a seminar in Paris in the spring of 2018. Due to issues with the rocket, the launch was postponed twice. It is currently planned for late 2020.

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Past projects

Odin (2016 to 2018)

Project Odin began in 2016 as the first project of ÆSIR. With the support of KTH Space Center and KTH Opportunities fund, the project formed the association. Within the project, we conducted several static firings to learn more about the characteristics of the engine used.

This is Odin, a 2.5 meter sounding rocket.

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After 2 years of development, learning and testing, the 4-day launch campaign of the Odin rocket launch began on the 29th of October 2018 at FMV Älvdalens Skjutfält in Älvdalen, Sweden. 12 members of the association participated in the final on-site preparations.

On the 31st of October 2018, at 12:05, our first rocket was successfully launched!

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Support us

By supporting ÆSIR, you get the chance to both get your name out there through logo placement on our rockets and to support a group of students in breaking the European record of altitude for student rocketry. We gladly accept any kind of support - funding, equipment or knowledge - anything helps our cause.

If you’re interested in helping us out, and possibly have your logo visible on our equipment, do not hesitate from reaching out to us! Our primary point of contact is through contact@aesir.se.

Logo placement

We are happy to accomodate your logo on our rockets and test equipment, perhaps on the circled spot below?

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We are happy, and very thankful, to receive both donations of any kind, either in terms of items or financial support. If you choose to Swish us and also add your name in the description, we will officially thank you!

Our Swish number is 1234 35 72 24

Become a member

We are always searching for students to join our association. ÆSIR is supposed to be fun and educational, therefore no previous experiences or skills are required. On the other hand, ÆSIR was created for those who have an interest in rockets or space and want to perform real-world engineering tasks. We would also like you to be a team-player. Our project requires students from almost all disciplines and all level of studies at KTH.

In our association we have many different roles with associated responsibilities. Generally we search for project members and managers, but if you have your own idea and need some help or guidance - we are happy to hear all about it!

ÆSIR was created by students for students to learn. We are always in need of new talent and skills. If you are interested in joining us, let us know in the form below. We’ll contact you in the future.

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