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Odin launch

On the 31 st of October 2018 we launched our very first hybrid rocket from Älvdalens Skjutfält, located in northern Sweden.
This is a short video from that glorius day.

Meet our members

We have over 30 active members with a broad variety of roles ranging all the way from specific role in a project to handling the associations overall economy etc. Here below we introduce some of them!

"Can't think of a better way to spend my free time on."
Måns Rasmussen
"If you are looking for a platform to share and develop your interest in rocketry, then this is definetly the association for you!"
ernst wethje

Open positions

Being a student association we are constantly looking for new members with a burning passion in rockets. We do not reqiure that you have any previous experience, however it is preferred. Our philosophy is that we are all here to learn and as long as you are willing to spend many friday nights in the workshop, there is a place for you

This person(s) are responsible for maintaning and updating our media channels, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube & website posts etc.
Media/website responsible
board position
This person is responsible for maintaining partnerships and establishing new ones, including funding and sponsorships with different companies etc.
External relations
board position
This person is responsible for the IT systems in the association, including managing our drive, emails, website and more.
IT manager
Board position
Building rockets require many people with knowledge, but mainly, a huge interrest in the electronics required to track, meassure and control the entire rocket in a safe manner.
Electronics Engineer
project position
With burning fingers a structure engineer builds the rocket body, test rig, launch tower and more. Being responsible for the intergrations of all the different components of the rocket.
Structure Engineer
project position

Our sponsors

About us

We are a student rocket association founded in
September 2016 at KTH in
Stockholm, with the purpose of
designing, building and
launching rockets.

Our mission

Our ultimate goal is to break
the European student altitude

Contact us

  • Drottning Kristinas Väg 15-19, 114 28 Stockholm, Sweden
  • Organisation number: 802508-0568
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