Association of Engineering Students in Rocketry,

by students from KTH Royal Institute of Technology,

in Stockholm, Sweden.

Who we are

ÆSIR is a student rocketry association based at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. We consist of about 30 students, spread over several programmes and degrees - including Engineering Physics, Electrical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering.

The association is focused on rocketry, but is more than just a place where rockets are built. It's a meeting place for people from all over the world with interest in rocketry, where our members get to experience first-hand how technical and cultural differences may affect large international projects.

The team of ÆSIR
Our projects
Image about Project OdinImage about Project Odin
Project Odin

We are currently working towards a late 2017 launch of Odin, a tiny yet powerful rocket.

Odin will be our first sounding rocket, with a thrust of about 3kN. Just like the norse god Odin gave an eye for wisdom, our rocket Odin will give us valuable knowledge on constructing rockets. So far, we have conducted two static firings of our rocket motor and are preparing a third test. Odin schematic

Image about Model rocketry
Model rocketry

During the fall of 2017, we started up a model rocketry project. One might argue that it does not serve our goal of reaching the edge of space, but it's a project which is might be more approachable for our less experienced members.

More pictures of a model rocket launch we conducted in April 2017 can be found in this post on our Facebook Page!

PERSEUS Student Experiment

We are also in the initial planning phase for a student payload as part of the PERSEUS Project within Europe.

Our activities
Social Events

ÆSIR is not only an engineering association - it is also a place to hang out with other like-minded rocketry-interested students.

We welcome everyone to join us just to hang out and learn, not just those with experience in rocketry or engineering. Our members are from all levels of education, so there'll be opportunities to make friends from all over campus.


Moving on, we intend to arrange lectures open for everyone. These lectures will be both by external people and our own members - talking about rocketry related things.

The team of ÆSIR
Our mission

ÆSIR was created to provide a forum for students with an interest in rocketry, where they can develop their passion and knowledge in practical aerospace projects. Our goal is to educate students in rocketry and engineering and give our members real world engineering experience. The activities of the association will further strengthen the position of KTH as one of the leading Aerospace Universities.

Our mission is to become one of the top student organisations for rocket building in the world, by breaking and holding the student rocketry altitude record in Europe (which is currently above 30 kilometers). Ultimately, we intend to reach altitudes beyond the 120 kilometer mark.

Why support us

By supporting ÆSIR, you get the chance to both get your name out there through logo placement on our rockets and to support a group of students in breaking the European record of altitude for student rocketry. We gladly accept any kind of support - funding, equipment or knowledge - anything helps our cause.

Who we are looking for
Specific positions
Economy responsible for Odin

We are looking for a person responsible for the economy of our Odin project by making purchases and doing bookkeeping.

It would be good if you:
  • Have some knowledge (and want to learn more) with bookkeeping.
  • Have some experience with purchasing things internationally.
You should want to do the following:
  • Purchase things for the Odin project.
  • Keep track of expenses for the Odin project.
  • Do bookkeeping for the Odin project.
PR responsible

We are looking for a person to be responsible for our PR and help us with brand development.

It would be good if you:
  • Have some knowledge with graphical design.
  • Strive to be consistent with your writing.
You should want to do the following:
  • To stay up to date with the goings on at ÆSIR.
  • Create content for social media.
Other roles
Electronics engineers

We constantly need more people who have practical experience with electronics. You would work with both on-board systems intended for our Odin rocket as well as ground systems and eventually work with bigger projects.

It would be good if you:
  • Have practical experience with electronics.
  • Have some experience with programming intended for embedded systems.
You should want to do the following:
  • Doing electronics projects.
  • Working in a team.
Construction engineers

We need people who can make drawings and CAD files into real objects. You will have access to a workshop with all sorts of tools and machines, a literal rocket factory.

It would be good if you:
  • Have done something mechanical.
  • Have used a lathe or CNC router.
You should want to do the following:
  • Making things out of thin air.
Join us

ÆSIR was created by students for students to learn. We are always in need of new talent and skills. If you are interested in joining us, let us know in the form below. We'll contact you in the future.

Level of study