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The recruitment for spring 2023 has started!

General info 

We primarily have two recruitment periods each year. Once at the start of the autumn semester and once at the beginning of the spring semester. In special cases, we might have an extra recruitment period. When the recruitment period starts, we will announce it both on our social media channels and on this page.

Sign up

You will find a link on this page to sign up for your interest during the recruitment period. You will find a form in which you express your preference for the team, and talk a bit about your background and experience.


We will then contact you for an interview held in person or online in which we will talk about your previous experience and what you could bring to the team.  If you haven't gotten an email from us, try checking your spam filter. If you can’t find any email, send a mail to After all of the interviews have been done, the board members and the team leaders will sort you out into suitable teams. 

Acceptance mail

After the interviews are done and the teams created, we will send you an email that you have been accepted and also which team you will be working in should you accept. In this email, there will be a membership contract attached, and also payment info for the membership fee. Once the contract has been signed and the fee is paid you are a member of ÆSIR.

Discord/Google account

When you are a member you will both get an ÆSIR email and you will need to join our Discord channel. Discord is primarily how we talk to each other outside of meetings and post announcements. With your new google account, you will also have access to our shared drive.


Here you can find all the available positions and their descriptions in different projects in ÆSIR association. Applying to any of the positions is done by filling in this recruitment form.


Propulsion Team task description

The Propulsion team in the Mjollnir project is primarily responsible for the engine and ensuring our rocket takes off, making it one of the most critical aspects of the project. Although we are several years into this current project we still have a lot of work to do and need YOUR help to achieve our goals!

The propulsion team is currently in need of people who:

  • Are familiar with 3D modeling in CAD, preferably in Fusion360 or other similar software
  • Have 3D printing experience
  • Are open to staying with ÆSIR for at least 1-2 years
  • Can attend weekly meetings on campus or digitally

Electrical Team task description

The Electrical team takes care of the rocket's flight controller and the ground station system. The main responsibilities are data logging, parachute deployment system, and general communication between the ground station and the rocket. Tasks in the electrical team are designing and creating PCBs. Then there is firmware and software design.

The electrical team is currently in need of people who:

  • Know how to design firmware and software
  • Are familiar with embedded programming such as Arduino and C.
  • Have knowledge of data sampling and data representations.
  • Are open to staying with ÆSIR for at least 1-2 years
  • Can attend weekly meetings on campus or digitally (indeed not obligatory every week if not possible but highly recommended)

Structural Team task description

The Structural team takes care of designing the rocket's body. The team also designs and constructs the launch pad. This team plays a crucial role in ensuring the integrity and reliability of the rocket during its entire lifecycle, from launch to landing. The rocket has been designed thoroughly but personnel is needed for manufacturing and redesigning if needed.

The structural team is currently in need of people who:

  • Are familiar with manufacturing and fabrication
  • Are open to staying with ÆSIR for at least 1-2 years
  • Can attend weekly meetings on campus or digitally (indeed not obligatory every week if not possible but highly recommended)


Pressurization Team task description

Pressurization team works on developing a pressure-fed propellant system for the Eitr engine which uses liquid ethanol and NOx as fuel and oxidizer respectively. Their responsibilities are to model, manufacture and test the pressurization system that meets the designed engine specifications.

The pressurization team is currently in need of people who:

  • Are intrigued by liquid propulsion
  • Want to know more about testing rocket engines
  • Are interested in manufacturing and procurement
  • Can attend weekly meetings on campus or digitally

Combustion and Ignition Team task description

The combustion team's main goal is to ensure the most efficient combustion for a liquid fuel engine. The combustion for the Eitr project is using liquid ethanol as the fuel and the liquid NOx as the oxidizer. A first study has been done on the injectors and on the modeling of combustion that will lead to the first cold tests and hot tests of the engine in the coming spring. In the meantime, people are working on the ignition system which will initiate the combustion.

To ensure the best combustion, one has to study how the mixture should be just before the ignition (premixed, non-premixed flame). We therefore need to find the best ways of achieving this mixture. In addition, the new members will have the opportunity of pursuing the model of combustion on Matlab and start CFD simulations. 

The combustion and ignition team is currently in need of people who:

  • Are interested in combustion, thermal transfers, and fluid mechanics 
  • Intrigued by liquid propulsion
  • Are willing to do research in the literature on combustion and ignition and injectors
  • Can attend weekly meetings preferably on campus (online possibility)


The guidance team's main goal is to design an efficient rocket guidance system that can be applied in future ÆSIR rockets. This is necessary to control the flight path of future rockets that ÆSIR builds and will allow the rockets to reach greater heights, as conventional tail fins, which ensure that the rocket remains upright during flight, are limited by altitude. 

A computer model of the Mjollnir rocket’s flight is being developed in Simulink and this will be used as a baseline to test various flight configurations for different kinds of guidance systems. This will help us optimize and fine-tune the guidance system, before implementing the physical guidance system on an actual rocket.

The guidance team is currently in need of people who:

  • Have studied or are familiar with Control Theory
  • Would like to work with computer visualization
  • Are familiar or would like to work with MatLab and Simulink
  • Have a solid understanding of classical and fluid mechanics

Public Relations (PR)

The PR team works continuously to communicate what is going on at ÆSIR through the association social media channels. The jobs required by the PR team range from communicating events/recruitment on Instagram or designing merchandise and helping film and edit test videos. It is a great way to get a broad understanding of the association and perhaps attend some exciting tests. Most importantly learn about rocketry even if you have no previous engineering experience or education.

Any of the following will help you in your role in the PR team:

  • Experience with photo or video editing
  • Experience handling social media accounts/marketing
  • Any experience with cameras
  • Experience/knowledge of videography