Our goal is to have one larger rocket project each year where we go from design to launch.
We also do non-rocket projects that are space related

Our current projects


Sigmundr is our newest rocket project! It was named after Simon Westerlund who started this association and also donated his homemade engine to us. The goal of this project is to improve on what we learned from our previous rocket Odin and get one step closer on designing our own hybrid engine from scratch.


Vidar is our collaboration project with the French space agency CNES. It consist of a small 8x8x8 dm cube that contains electronical measurment devices and is now waiting to be launched on the Perseus rocket (launch date yet to be announced).

Our old projects


Odin was our first ever hybrid rocket and was succesfully launched on the 31st of October 2018 at Älvdalens skjutfält in northern Sweden.
It stod 2.5 m tall at 8 kg with a capability to reach over 2 km. Click on the button below to see the launch!

It's only rocket science!

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